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Join the adventure as Ben Steinlage shares untold tales in ‘In His Footsteps’ and ‘Edgar.’ Experience love, resilience, and history unfolding against dramatic backdrops, offering a simple yet immersive journey through time.

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Meet Ben Steinlage, a wordsmith whose storytelling journey began at the age of 8.

Author Ben Steinlage is a retired Printing Consultant that lives in New Mexico with his wife of many years. At the age of 8 he formed a love of writing and he hasn’t stopped. He also gained and interest in the Civil War accumulating many artifacts and books on the subject. With two interest and his family’s history he wrote his first novel “Want to Go West Lady.” After publishing his first novel a reader began asking for more information about her favorite character “Edgar” With his desire of giving readers an idea what the Civil War and Reconstruction Period was like he jumped at the chance to write this novel. Having finished this novel he is continuing to write and doesn’t see any reason to stop. Note: The author also believes in writing stories that are suitable for family reading.

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